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    domestic and foreign companies to discuss cooperation

    Quzhou Guowei Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in renown national historical and cultural city ―― Quzhou, which is situated at the interface of Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Anhui province. Transportation is very convenient with Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou expressway, No.320 national highway and No.46 provincial highway near the plant location.

    The enterprise invested and constructed synthesizing workshop, research center, examination center and industrialized production facilities (including high-temperature, low-temperature, high-pressure, high-vacuum distillation, separation and vacuum desiccation installations etc) in 2000.

    There are more than ten technical personnel in our factory, who are in charge of development and preparation of new products relying on some domestic universities. Products mainly include medicines, dyes, pesticides, spices and intermediates of heterocyclic compounds.

    Be responsible for customer is our bounden duty. Our management motto is “human first, responsibility first and service first”. We will provide perfect products and services for customers through unremitting efforts.Products.

    We are cordially looking forward to the sincere cooperation with friends at home and abroad!

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    packing of products
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    • Address:First floor of JiangongMao Building, No.53, Wenchang Road, Juhua, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
    • Phone:+86-0570-3095689
    • Fax:+86-0570-3098884
    • E-mail: master@qzhg.com
    • Contact: HuWeiMing
    • Cellphone:18969451368  13505705200
    • Web:www.cpcp77.com
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    Quzhou Guowei Chemical Co., Ltd. has formed the systematic R&D structure which forms Hanzhou R&D center as a core, takes laboratories of subsidiaries as keys and connects domestic key universities,with fully-equipped devices and wider research range.

    We keep the Guowei-term cooperation with every branch of Institute of Chemistry the Chinese Academy of Sciences、Zhejiang University、ZhejiangUniversity of Technology、Department of Chemistry Fudan University、ournal of Organic Chemistry Lanzhou Universit、Shuzhou Chemical Industrial Park.,the introduction of advanced technology and equipment,Independent research and development 、Independent Innovation、 Independent brands.

    Have about 60 R&D staff with bachelor's degree, master's degree and PhD degree, covering every aspect of new product development and process improvement

    In July 2009, the company established a joint laboratory with Zhejiang University of Technology, thereby consolidating its industry leading position in the scientific innovation.

    With fully-equipped devices and wider research range:oxidation、reduction、neutralization、esterification、nitrify、nitrification、acylation、halogenate、hydrolysis、diazotization、Coupling、rectification、molecule distillation.......

    R&D Center in Hangzhou and each large subsidiary are scheduled for completion, with fully-equipped devices and wider research range

    Through the utilization of “RT base low-temperature liquid-phase catalytic hydrogenation” technology, Sinorgchem reduces the total quantity of production waste water to 98.9%. Sinorgchem achieves the zero emission of the waste water in the whole production process through waste water disposal installment and biochemistry processing.

    Simultaneously all gas waste produced in the production process goes through recycling set, emitted after chemical procedure and concentrately, greatly reduces the pollution.

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